Embedding Power BI Reports in Any Websites

Power BI report can be embedded in practically any website with embed code generated with a few click.  The size of the report can also be customized easily to any size.

The report shown below is embedded with 800px width by 600px height using iFrame.  The size option given during embed code generation process may look discouraging since there are only three size options listed.  However, you can just the copy the code and change the dimension manually to any number as you wish.

One caveat is that you must set the size of the report page to dynamic (i.e., 16:9 or 4:3).  Setting a custom size will result in fixed size report that will not adjust to the size specified in the embed code.

Embedding Power BI Reports in Any Websites Embedding Power BI Reports in Any Websites Reviewed by Brandon on October 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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